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They Live Forever...Until They Don't

Growing up I have always known the people I have learned to love and care about. People such as family, close friends, and their families. Those who have been on this earth longer than I have, and therefore seem immortal. Yes, they grow older with more grey hair and wrinkles. Their skin begins to sag a little bit in places such as their arms. They start to walk with a bend in their back, walking a little bit bent over as if they are auditioning for the role of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

But, they are still here. They still smile and joke and laugh. Most of the time their habits won't change, but they'll still grow with the world and learn new things to broaden their horizons, their knowledge. It just seems that they don't stop growing and learning.

Then one day, they are no longer around. I would receive a phone call, or a message, indicating that someone that I have known for as long as I can remember, has passed on. No longer will they leave any more footprints, no more of their smiles or their laughter. No longer would I hear their stories of "the good ol' days," rolling my eyes whenever they start with:

"Back in my day..."

Just, no more.

Once they are gone forever, I cherish the moments I have had with them. I'll remember the stories they have told, and look back at the pictures of them, all from before I was born to the latest. Wishing, and hoping, that it was all a dream and that I'll wake up and they will still be around, laughing and smiling away, creating more "happy lines" around their eyes.

Because of the ones I have lost in the past, both family and friends, I have grown to learn to treat everybody with kindness and love. To cherish the moments I have with everyone now. And no matter where I am on this earth I will always try to keep in touch with everyone, whether it's a simple phone call, a letter (yes I still write letters), or even social media.

I have always thought that they live forever...until they don't.


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