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To Be Young...

To Be Young

"They're growing up so fast!"

How many times have we heard that quote? Whether it is about the kids of today or about us when we were growing up. Most people of my generation like to hold on to our childhood because...we may have grown up too fast. I know I like to have my #Tamagotchi toys with me from time to time. And in looking at one of them because they became sick and died, all I had to do was hit the reset button and it is reborn once again.

I was thinking...if only our lives were like that: just hit the reset button whenever something doesn't go our way, or when life in general

But we cannot do just that. Therefore, we need to live our life to the fullest. "Live life to the fullest..." How many times have we heard or read that, too? It may be easier said than done for some, but for most, it is really in our heads. I wanted to hit the reset button once...or twice, but then I thought if I could live in the present, and improve my present self, I could have a better future. I cannot change the past, I had to learn to let go of regrets. However, I can improve my preset for a better future, which is what I have been doing.

I was stuck in my head, stuck in regret, just stuck. Having to accept my past as learning examples and let go of regrets was a tough pill to swallow for a while. But, I managed it. And here I am telling my story, because of what I have learned, and what other writers have mentioned, the reality is stranger than fiction... Therefore I will continue to live my reality and help others get through whatever is bugging them because we cannot hit that reset button.

Live your life. Write your story. Stay Weird.


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