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Where has the Christmas Spirit gone?

Why is it that people are happier around Halloween than around Christmas?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge lover of Halloween. I have even been nicknamed Ms. Halloween, the Halloween Queen, etc. But it just feels that people are more relaxed around Halloween than around Christmastime.


Growing up in rural Michigan, Christmastime was a time of warmth, of being around family, of vacation from school and staying home to play video games. There was this magic in the air that even the adults of that time can feel.


But somehow, that magic disappeared as I got older. It could be for a different number of reasons for me. Being deployed while in the Army during Christmas was hard for me. My first Christmas being away from family was spending it with my comrades in Taji, Iraq. Since then the magic felt like it wore off.


What about the other people during this time? Today I went to the Flea Market and people were grumpy, in a rush, sad, and just mean. Why wasn’t there any magic of the season around there?

Are people losing it because they have to uphold the society way of giving a lot of expensive gifts to their children when they can barely keep up with the bills?

Is it having to face family that they consider “toxic” that’s keeping the Spirit down?

How about the food? Can they make tables groan with the weight of the food on top of having to buy gifts?


Perhaps they told their children that Santa wasn’t coming this year. But the children would have to face other schoolmates who received tablets from Santa, because for them, Santa did visit this year.

...if Christmas isn't found in your heart, you won't find it under a tree. -Charlotte Carpenter


A lot of negativity around this time when it’s supposed to be warm. A lot of not wanting to be around humans and close myself up even more in my home to stay away from all of their grumpy thoughts and hurtful words and actions.


We all have reasons to be happy or sad during this season. It would just be nice that everyone would carry the Spirit of Christmas in their hearts instead of trying to please everyone. How, do you ask? Just being around family and friends who are considered family. Or however anyone would interpret the Spirit of the season.


The Spirit seems to dim year after year, and before we know it, we’ll all be a bunch of Scrooges hunched over stomping around saying, “bah, humbug,” to each other instead of “Merry Christmas.”

Just remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart. -Santa, The Polar Express


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