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Dog: A Companion All Her Own

Just writing what is on my mind. And what's always on my mind is my dog, April.

With this being the first blog post on the site, I will tell you about my day, at least from the last twenty-four hours. I dog-sat two dogs that my friend asked me to do for an overnight stay here at the Weird Household. I have a dog of my own whom loves company, but can be worn out from the visit just as much. My dog, April, can be a diva all in her own league. The dogs I watched are male dogs, and they were all calm during their stay here. The smaller of the two dogs was constantly on my heels, indicating that he suffers from separation anxiety. My dog and the other one could care less where I am in the house, as long as food magically appears in their bowls.

April, the Princess of the House

Ah April, my April. A 12-year-old mutt. She is mixed with German Shepherd, Labrador, and Dachshund. She looks like a miniature German Shepherd, but that is what is supposed to be in her DNA. I have had her since she was a mere puppy of about 3 months old, from the Humane Society. She came with me following my divorce and her and I have been road dogs together ever since.

She likes to judge me.

Jeez mom, calling me 'cutesy-poo' again? I'm not a baby anymore...”

Judging me with those beautiful black and brown eyes. She has a human-like personality that truly makes her my best friend. What I would give to have her live forever.

Past Dogs

Growing up with dogs I have yet to come across any that have been very mean. To me, that is because dogs are loyal and true to their nature and their humans. In my life I have had Tanner, Fluffy, Mooch, Twiggy, Auska & April.

I won't go into detail about each of them, but Auska is another dog that is always on my mind. She stayed with my ex-husband after the divorce. A brown Lab-Pitbull mix, and the loveliest of dogs that was easily misunderstood. April grew up with her, and I'm sure she thinks of her too often. I have no idea where Auska is now, but I wish I could see her just once more, and give her the biggest of hugs any dog could imagine receiving. Wherever she is, I hope she knows that I still love her and cherish her to this day. As I do all my dogs that have entered my life throughout.


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